Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire so freakin bad

Have you heard that song?  I love it for some reason. But wouldn't it be nice to be even a millionaire around Mothers' Day?  Want to know what I would ask for if money (or space) wasn't an issue?!  We can all have wish lists right!
First up the Cricute Cake.  How fun would that be to have?  I would throw birthday parties for everyone I knew just to use it.  The cake is the hardest part for me.  But of course getting one of these would come AFTER I got a Cricut Expression which I am seriously saving my money for.  I was hooked after my mom got the SCAL program.  (Which is also on my list and yep it works with both Cricuts.)

Ehh.... alright.  Thats all that is on my list right now.  I guess I would have to use the rest of the money to get a house to hold all of the random craft contraptions.  Geez, why can't they make ONE machine that does everything?



  1. That is seriously so cool, I want a Cricut Cake too.
    I highly recommend the Cricut Expression with SCAL. The possibilities are endless. Good luck saving quick.

  2. I had know idea that bad boy even existed! I'm in love! You get them both and then I'll come and use them, ok?

  3. Karen I totally thought of you when I saw that. Its brand spankin new so don't feel out of the loop!

  4. My aunt just started working for Cricut as a demonstrator for the cake machine! I'd never heard of it until a few weeks ago! Great idea!


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