Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting Scrappy With It

Darin had a photo club meeting this week and has been asking for camera straps to take and sell.  So I pulled out my basket of scraps and used some of my favorite fabrics to make some.  They turned out super cute in all their scrappy splendor!  It was great practice for not being so match-y.
 I added a ruffle to this one and then realized it would make a cozy little pocket for a 50 mm lens cover.  Pretty snazzy eh?!
Darin forgot to take them to the meeting so. . .
Want a way to dress up your camera strap?!  I'm selling my scrappy straps for $20.  I'm pretty sure it helps you take better pictures ;0).  Just leave me a comment or send me an email or whatever way you want to contact me.  

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  1. is that one the only one with the little ruffle pocket? it's hard to choose a fave. give me a little time, but i would like to buy one as soon as the dust settles with this new house of ours. =)
    you are so super duper talented!

  2. i LOVE these jenn and a lens cover holder is an awesome idea...usually it just goes in my back pocket and i've never thought that was too good of a place.


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