Friday, October 8, 2010


I've had about 10 projects started this week and haven't quite finished a single one!  Its been driving me crazy.  Some things I can't help, like the fact that Hobby Lobby isn't open yet and they have the wood shapes that I need. On others I just hit the wall and can't figure out quite the right way to finish it off.  Does that ever happen to any of you?  
I've also been adding touches of Halloween to Ivy's room with some of the fab scrapbook paper out this year! I love using paper because Its cheap, and you can change it every year if you want, without feeling too guilty!

This cute little witch comes by way of my mom's cricut.  I cut her out a couple of weeks ago, and the oval frame I cut probably six months ago.  I added a tiny black stone to her wand tip.  I love her cute little nose.  

Ivy is loving all the "BOO" everywhere. She reads the letters and tell me that it spells BOO.  Which is too crazy for me.  The other day we were at Costco.  As we were walking in she stops outside and points to the letters.  "Thats a C and an O and an S and a T and a C and a O.  That spells Costco!" 
Why yes Ivy it does.  Now stop growing.  

{In case you were thinking, WOW she is incredibly smart!  She is.  But she also kept telling me that she learned about the letter C at school.  When they most definitely learned about the letter E.}

The glitter candlesticks are a Martha Stewart thing from Michaels.  And I need to cut the tag off of that Bat pillow! I got the letters from Hobby Lobby a long time ago, but they now have them at Craft Warehouse!

This is the most perfect Halloween kids craft.  They get to paint somewhere besides paper, use glitter and its not too spooky.  One of the hardest parts about doing crafts with Ivy for me is letting her have the control.  I think I did pretty well this time.  Just take a look at that  not quite right cute mouth!  We added a sweet bow for good girly measure.

Thats just a couple of little things we've done,  but all the little touches make it BOO-tiful! We hope you have a BOO-tiful weekend!


  1. It's all completely adorable. You're creativity knocks my socks off!

  2. I love the framed witch print. So cute!

  3. ivy cant read. thats illegal. shes a teeny tiny baby.


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