Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sneaky Time!

We got Boo-ed a couple of weeks ago.  So that Monday night we headed out to Boo some of our neighbors.  Ivy had a blast and since we were being sneaky, she started calling it "Sneaky Time".  Just about every night when it starts to get dark she asks if it is sneaky time. 

{I know this isn't too sneaky but its from our new favorite Halloween book Ghosts in the House, and it has the cutest pictures!}

So tonight we are off to do sneaky time and BOO some more neighbors.
 If I was more on top of things I would make my own BOO signs and then share it with you.  But today not so much, so I'll share some fun ones I found.

These all come with the instructions and are free.  Aren't these ladies so nice to share, making my life a little easier?! So now the fun part :: making the treats!  I love it because I get to make the yummy stuff {my favorite part is the making- believe it or not} , and then it all gets out of my house so I don't eat it!  

Today we are making Oreo Bark.  You can find a great recipe HERE at Home Based Mom
Some other great treats would be any of those I mentioned yesterday,  or better yet...

... my other favorite cookie I posted about last year.  
{ I think I have a thing for chocolate and peanut butter! }

If you don't want to give out treats, you could even give a copy of your favorite Halloween book. 

Soon it will be sneaky time so I better get to it!  You can't keep a three year old waiting ;)



  1. Cute ideas! I too am a chocolate peanut butter lover. It's the best!

  2. Hi, I found you through Blessed Little Nest. We were booed last year. Not yet this year. My son was 2(almost 3) then, and I didn't take him along to boo the neighbors because 1.by the time it got dark he was sleeping, and 2. It is hard to be sneaky with a kid screaming "WHAT ARE WE DOING?!" Something tells me it might be impossible for me to take him this year also.


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