Friday, October 15, 2010

Leggings for the Lady

Want to know my favorite store for getting some great knit fabric?!  Old Navy {and Target}.  Yep, in this two fabric store town I have to look outside the box.  And the clearance section is a gold mine of XXL shirts just waiting to be utilized.  The best deals are definitely when Old Navy does their extra 50 % off sale, or after the holidays.  And remember that Shade sale?  My friend Karen was teasing me for going fabric shopping instead of looking for actual clothes. 

I got the Lil Blue Boo leggings pattern last Saturday afternoon while I was working at Greenies.  I was excited to get home and sew because it was a great rainy fall night.  Darin was shooting a wedding in Pendleton so it was going to be quiet and relaxing after Ivy went to bed.  Perfect.  Until I sat down to print it.

 *ERROR*  Grr.  My printer was completely out of ink.  Double Grr. So I cleaned the house instead.  Some Saturday night eh?!  Well I finally got some ink for my printer on Tuesday and was able to make Ivy some pants.

 I used a grey striped shirt from my knit stash.   The best part about using shirts for fabric is you already have finished edges.  And having a serger means that these pants probably took 10 minutes to make. Maybe even 9.  I love that about Ashley's patterns.  She is so precise and has great directions so I don't have to read them over and over again just to figure it out.  
 {warming our toes in the sun}

  Ivy's legs are like  a mile long and her waist is the same size it was 2 years ago.  That means I can't find jeans that fit.  Something she is secretly happy about.  So leggings it is for her.  Maybe I'll make her some jeggings ;)



  1. How cute are those leggings! But, I just scrolled down and saw your donuts... OH MY. Yes, it is 8:05 pm but those donuts look insanely awesome. Just might have to make a donut run tomorrow am. Love your blog. :)

  2. they turned out so cute!! you have such skill to make them. i lack those skills so i have to buy them. i found a pair of baby jeggings at target and they are soooo cute on my girl. and theyu were on clearance, too.


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