Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

 Why yes!  I do like that hat!

  Its a scrappy, sassy little hat and its not perfect, but it is perfect for her.   
This is the first thing I have ever made for Ivy that she actually was waiting by the sewing machine for it to be done, and then she wore it the rest of the day.  And then asked for it the next morning. Seriously. That is what I have been waiting for.

I've been thinking about that this week as I've been sewing her some clothes for the cooler weather.  Do I sew her what she will love?  Or is it what I love and she will like. {and if I'm really honest, what I think you will like}?

Yep, I do. Because its not that she doesn't like what I make her.  She loves to tell people that I made what she is wearing.   But  she is more of her own little person every day. Gulp.  Which means I am going to have to let go of that control a little bit.  Gulp.  

This shirt is the perfect example.   One day we were at Old Navy and she saw it.  
And LOVED it. 
Me not so much. 
As in I pretended like we were going to get it.  Then didn't.  And as I was trying to leave without it, she asked where her bestest shirt was.  I didn't want to get it.  Really a dog with *bling*?! 
But I gave in and got it because she was so excited about it.   And its still her bestest shirt.  And I love it too.  Because it is TOTALLY her. 

{getting ready to do "sneaky time"}

Just like her hat.

{tutorial found HERE from a new fave, I am Momma-Hear Me Roar}


  1. Love it! And her expressions make it even better.

  2. i remember making this same realization with lucas - that he was his own person. life has certainly gotten a whole lot more interesting {and tie-dye colorful} since i've just let him "be." i love seeing his own creativity come to life.
    that ivy of yours is something else. she's got the sweetest spunk! what a lucky girl she is to have you.
    that hat! off to check out the tutorial.
    love, lindsay

  3. ok, love love love this!
    i know what you mean.
    there are still days where i
    cringe when daisy's getting ready to walk out of the house, or while we are shopping. i love her, but not all of her clothing choices. so i learn to like them since she's in them. one of the hardest things about being a mom, perhaps. guess it just preps us for other choices they may make. ::shrugs::

  4. Man I love that girl. She is too cute for words.

    Isn't it so funny when their personalities come out and they have their own opinions for things. Love the shirt too--because it is so her. I think it's great that you let her be who she is. I agree with Lindsay too. Life sure gets a lot more interesting when they get to decide. I mean, it's not my first choice to have bright pepto pink walls in Kaiya's room---but it was love at first swatch when Kaiya saw that color. :)

    Have a good day!

  5. That is why I refuse to take my girls shopping. THey always fall in love with the most hideous things! However I have found that if I go alone and buy what I like for them and bring it home they LOVE it and are super excited!
    LOVE the hat. By the way, Im having a baby girl who needs hats this winter! *wink* Love ya!

  6. Gotta love that crazy adorable girl!
    You are a great mom to appreciate your little one and what she likes.
    Don't worry you still have a ton of influence :)

  7. i can so relate to this! i don't make my kiddos clothes, but i think the same thing when i buy them things. i want to honor the person they are, but sometimes that is hard.

    i'm so glad you linked up! i love this slice of lovely from your life.
    p.s. you girl is too cute in her new hat. :)


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