Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hippies And Hearts

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to FINALLY share our "Hippies and Hearts" photo shoot with you.  I was able to help with the styling and made a few things.  You'll see them as you watch the video {which I highly recommend it is gorgeous.}  Pretty things like my Burlap Wreath, my wood+glitter heart, and some other little things here and there.  Thank you so much FotoNovella and Darin Warnick Photography for letting me be a part of your amazing project.  

{If you follow me on twitter you saw that our Hippies and Hearts was featured!}

As Seen on 

{and a few more waiting in the wings!}



  1. k, i've been waiting and waiting to see this and it turned out so beautifully!!! where was the locale? for some reason i was thinking just outside of west richland, but then i thought maybe the horse heavens. were those your trunks & suitcases as well? from your portland finds? i noticed the wreath and the woodchip heart right away. what about the bloom in her hair, was that yours as well? and of course the banner/bunting, right? i saw you ALL OVER THIS thing and it was stunning! ::hugs::

  2. LKP is sooooo right! You were all over it :)

    Loved all the little details Jenn! So so lovely!!!! You made the shoot Valentine's!!!!

    Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!


  3. Wow--this is awesome! The details are perfect!


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