Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{Why you wish my parents were your parents}

My parents are very rad. Besides the fact that my Dad speaks Swedish, and brings us nasty candy from business trips to Finland, or that he's one of the best men anyone could know. Or that my mom is so pretty and young she gets asked if she's my sister more often than if she's my mom. And besides the fact they are some of Ivy's favorite people. They are kind of rad because...

They gave us an I Pad for Christmas.

{DISCLAIMER: This is not a normal Christmas present from them, they were very generous and kind and we love them dearly for it and not just because of it. And we promise not to expect gifts like this every year. Signed Darin, Jenn and Ivy}

I was going to show you the video of Darin jumping up and down yelling "OH MY GOSH! I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT AN I PAD" over and over but I wouldn't want to embarrass him. : P

Well we needed a case right away and here's where the tricky part comes in. They gave US an I pad. Which means that we have to share. And unfortunately that means no ruffles, or red and teal when it comes to our IPad case. Sad huh. We quickly snagged up this one at Target, to protect our new member of our family electronic device. I wanted to make a sleeve to protect the screen though. My first attempt at making a case started out gender neutral. And then I thought just maybe, Darin wouldn't mind having one with ruffles. Grr. I was wrong. So that one went to my sister.

I got around to making another one for us the other day. I used the basic idea from this case and enlarged it to fit our new toy. This would work for any kind of e- reader or device that you got for Christmas as well. My supplies were...

2 pieces of fabric 10x30
batting 10x30 {i used fusible, but its not necessary}
velcro, button or magnetic snap or whatever kind of closure you prefer { I went for velcro on this one}
basic sewing supplies: machine, scissors, thread...

I'm not gonna give you the rundown on how to make this, its pretty basic, I just wanted to give you a couple tips.

+I used minky for the inside of my case to be extra soft on the screen. Minky is REALLY slippery, so use a lot of pins.

+With all of those layers I needed to use a denim needle to topstitch at the end, so a little heads up on that one.

+When you are finished and show your husband, make sure and emphasize the fact that you made it a case you could both appreciate. I'm sure he will agree.

+ If after a couple of weeks, even though he agreed that yes it was manly enough, he keeps "accidentally" forgetting to use it. I give you permission to go back and add ruffles. ;)

And just in case your curious here are our favorite apps.

Jenn: Flipboard for sure. You check all your stuff like facebook, twitter and google reader, in a magazine type format. They also have cool pages like flipstyle, flipeats, and fliptech. Love it.

Ivy: Cake Doodle and Cookie Doodle. Hands down. She would play these forever if we let her. I think they might have these for iphone too but I'm not sure.

Darin: He just loves finding all of these crazy apps that do crazy things, like the Black Eyed Peas 3d music video. Which is pretty crazy.

What are your favorite apps?!

{P.S. Did you know I still don't even have a smartphone? Since iphone is coming to Verizon {yay!} I'm wondering, are you team android or team iphone? And which team should I be on?}



  1. LOVE my iPod. It's basically a smartphone without wasting the moo-la each month on a payment/signing a contract. Then I have a cheap prepaid cell phone for the times I can't get wifi.(which isn't too often) cute case and fun to have somethig different that you made yOurself!

  2. I use textfree w voice all the time. I also like camera+ and tunein radio cause you can record the songs from radio all over the world, Nike+gps, and legos Harry potter. Those are just the ones I've gotten the most use out of. Have some kid ones too that are awesome in a pinch at dr's office, church, etc..:)

  3. that's so dang cute! and not too girly at all.

    i am all for team android although i've heard amazing things about both. i really (really) love my android though & would have honestly no idea what i ever did without it. (survived, just fine, obviously!)


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