Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentines {Jewelry Edition}

I was never much of a jewelry kind of girl until I turned 30.  In an effort to be more stylin' after that fated day I started adding more than just my wedding rings to my collection.  Jewelry instantly makes me feel fancier. Kind of like wearing makeup when you aren't feeling too great.  If you look better you feel better right?  And with Valentine's day right around the corner its the perfect time to start dropping hints.  
{Or shhh getting yourself a little something. I won't tell}  

And since sometimes we deserve better than Forever 21...

I can't wear earrings, I know sad but I'm CRAZY allergic, but if I could I would be rocking these ones.  Pretty much every day.  Found at Funky Vintage Kitchen.  Since I can't,  you should definitely rock them.  Or anything else from April's shop for that matter. ;)

Last fall at Project: Craft I got a Crystal B necklace.  I wear it all the time.  If I was going to add another one of her designs I think that one up there would be it.  Or this one.  Or this.  Ok I couldn't decide.  Which one would you pick?

Just don't buy this one from Spunk and Sass.  I'm still holding out hope that someone I know and love fiercely and makes my heart beat faster buys it for me.  A-hem. 

Now if you are feeling a tiny bit crafty here are some fun ideas to try...

Little Miss Momma's Pom Pom Necklace.  I made a pink one the other day and I totally love it.

Or you could make a braided fabric necklace with Cakies at Small Magazine.  I'm pretty sure you have the materials on hand even.

I had a bracelet from Mexico I lost a couple of months ago.  I still get sad when I think about it.  But I 'm thinking I should replace it with something like this t-shirt one from The Green Wife.  Ahh, the scrappiness of it all.  Makes me smile.

I even have a quick and easy jewelry idea for you.  Ready?

Grab your favorite color of Baker's Twine.  I snapped up a sampler pack of The Twinery's new colors the day they came out.  Hello!  Charcoal?  Love it.

Cut off a length that will tie around your wrist.

Then, tie it around your wrist.

That could quite possibly be the easiest tutorial. Ever.  Seriously. 


And one more via LuckyDuct, because I'm pretty sure you know how I feel about it.  


  1. Would you just kill me if I said my Significant other bought me the love bird necklace the other day?! Eeeek! I'm kidding. I love that you claimed it for your own, I would do the same. Never knew about earring allergy...I'll add that to my Jenn vault :) DARIN, buy your wife the necklace! Her wedding ring is the only other thing you bought her, uh, come to think of it, where did that ring go? :):):)

  2. Put a bird on it! Haaaaaa hopefully you've seen portlandia ep 2 so you think that's funny

  3. What a cute post about jewelry! Thanks for including me. And...my girlfriend is crazy allergic to earrings too but can wear mine. Go figure. They have a surgical steel post. With that said though my niece is also crazy allergic and she can't wear them.

    Anyway, I'd love to offer your readers 10% off it you would like. Let me know. Actually...let's do a giveaway of those earrings with also a 10% off! Email me.


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