Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines {monthly plug edition}

Umm did anyone NOT get the flu thats going around?!  I am so glad to be feeling better, I was even able to go to Pilates this morning, which after a week off was wonderful. 

But now I'm scrambling trying to get caught up on a few days worth of things like laundry and cleaning, and a couple of things I've been meaning to tell you about {with a Valentines twist}...

Have you made it to a Passionista Presents show yet?  I have thoroughly enjoyed each one and I know I'm going to like this one too.  The Lower Lights will be here on March 5th.  You can learn more about them HERE, and I highly recommend you get your tickets soon.  Wouldn't this be a great Valentines gift?  I can picture it now...babysitter, dinner, amazing music.  Sigh.

Darin is having his last Intro to Lighting class for the season on February 19th.  He'll start back up in the fall, but that is a long time to wait. So check it out.  I think you'll love it.  {You don't even need to have a fancy flash to take the class, so there's nothing holding you back!}  What does this have to do with Valentines?  Not much really unless you are treating yourself, or someone you know.  You can convince your husband it is an investment!

And lastly if you have a teenager in your house, then they would probably love this print in their room! 
Remember, its teen tested! ;)   I've got the digital file in my shop over there.  For only $2!  Just let me know the size when you check out and I'll send you the file.    Its available in 8x10, 11x14 and 20x30.  

So eh, don't you think those would be good Valentines gifts?  I'm just saying.  


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