Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1:: The Library

Today I'm thankful for the Library.  Especially on rainy days.  And especially for books about whales and animals.  Ivy has decided she is going to be a marine biologist, specifically studying orcas.  It sounds so grown up of her, doesn't it.  Sigh.  She is in heaven at the library and obviously makes herself right at home when we are there.  She discovered the beginnning reader science section today and we came home with a big stack of books about dolphins and whales.  I think we will be experts by this time next week!  

{I'm joining the gals at eighteen25 for #novemberthankful on instagram this month.  You can get all the details and read about their fun idea to make a thankful book at the end of the month here.}


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  1. What a great thing to start with your daughter! I started taking my kids to the library when they were too small to walk. I LOVE to read, and even though my kids don't as much as me, they still go with me to get movies, and sometimes books. I think it's GREAT Ivy loves to learn about that "grown up" stuff!


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