Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2:: Family as friends.

For the past 3 years I've done an I'm Thankful week with guest posts on this blog.  It was first one week, then two.  This year I'm making it easy on myself and posting each day!  Haha but its just going to be me this year.  If you want to follow along on instagram I'm joining lots of people in #thankfulnovember with the gals at eighteen25.  If you need some photo prompts for the month you can get them lots of places like The Idea Room , Fat Mum Slim and #novphoto366 from April Walker.  

Happy November!

Day 2:: Family that makes the best kind of friends. 

This is the why we live here.  And why we love it.  Cousins as friends.  Surrounded by em.  10 within 4 miles of us.  Probably 25 within 25 miles of us.  I lose count after that.  Second cousins and first cousins just so you don't freak out.   I suppose thats what happens when you are surrounded by farmers kids!  I'm thankful that Ivy can have friends that I know are good kids and I can trust at any time to help me out.  


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