Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gray skies bring out the hipster in me.

I find it much easier to be fashionable in the winter.  Don't you?  Boots. Skinnies. Shirt. {P}leather coat.  Scarf.  Maybe a hat.  Done.  So what if it only varies slightly each time right? The only person who sees me on a regular basis is Darin.  And lets be honest.  He is stoked to see me in that cuz I don't have sweats on ;) And being monochromatic is very hip of me don't you think?  

Sometimes a pop of color is good though. Yes?   As soon as I saw this sweater at H&M I knew it was coming home with me.  I'm pretty sure I have wanted it all of my life.  It is kitchy, it is coral-y red and the reindeer are perfectly Scandanavian.  Which goes really well with my Scandinavian coloring.   Speaking of which Ivy has informed me that my hair is not blonde.  Sniff.  Its just the Instagram filter sweetie. Don't let the Walden fool you.  Also if you want to feel really good about your *rear view*  just try on clothes at the Washington Square H&M in Portland.  The mirrors will do your body image good.  Seriously.  

And to get Ivy back for the non-blonde comment I'm posting a picture of her five year old fashion sense. This was her awesome church attire on Sunday.   I failed to teach her not to wear socks with sandals.  But apparently she picked up on the whole monochromatic thing. 


  1. You and your silliness make me smile.

  2. Its been grey here too (south La) but I love winter. You are right. so much easier to be cute in winter! the socks and sandals look cozy!

  3. such a adorable post. Love your voice :)


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