Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14. Three Minute Projects

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all of the projects I need or want to do that I don't do any of them.  I just say forget it.   Does that happen to you?  I've found that the best way to get motivated is to do a super quick project to get me in the crafting mood.  Do you need a three minute project to get your creative mojo going?  Yeah, I did too.  

So,  I dug a cardigan out of my closet that I probably haven't worn in two years.  Then I grabbed some lace from my stash and sewed it on.  It really only took me three minutes and I love how it dressed up my cardi for the holidays.  I even love it so much I might have worn it three times already.  Too bad all the projects swirling in my brain don't take three minutes!


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  1. This is adorable and so easy! Thanks for the inspiration! I sure need it!


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