Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1. Halloween

Its November and I can hardly believe it.  I was thinking about last year's I'm Thankful week and I've decided to share my thankfuls all month long.    Some will be simple and some will seem silly.  Some will be hard to write down in words but they will all be things I am really so grateful for each and every day.  

Day 1.  Halloween

I've never been much for Halloween until this little lady came along. 
It made me smile so much last night to see her run to the next house and ring the doorbell, peek through the window and hear her little voice say "Trick or Treat!" And then run back down to us, flushed and so happy to have some more candy to fill her bucket.   Funny thing is she doesn't even care about the candy and hasn't eaten a single piece {and probably won't}.   

 But it was the excitement of all of it and the experiencing it as a family that she loved.  And that's what I loved too.  And that is probably what I'm really thankful for.

+ all photos courtesy of Darin Warnick Photography



  1. i am dying over the raised foot as she peaks in the winder.
    it just does not get any cuter than that. happy november, friend!

  2. um ya, that was supposed to say window. ;)

  3. I heart I'm Thankful Week! I loved it last year and cant wait to see what you come up with this time around.

    And that Ivy? Doesn't get much cuter.

  4. She looks adorable! Did you make her costume? How original!


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