Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 19. I'm Thankful with Nicole of Simple Organic

Happy Saturday friends!  We have had a cold and snowy day which makes me want to cuddle up next to the fire and read a book.  The craft fair was a success but I'm so glad its over!  Tonight I have the super rad Nicole from Simple Organic over to tell us what she is most thankful for.  Just try not to be jealous that she gets to eat Thanksgiving dinner at the beach. 

It's a real honor to be here on Ruffled Sunshine today; thanks, Jenn for having me! When I contemplated what I could write about in regards to being thankful, it was hard to pin something down because really, I feel so blessed in so many ways.


 I thought about how thankful I am for family traditions... as today we're packing and preparing to drive {10 minutes away} tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving week at the beach like we do every year.

  4 beaches in 2 days. 

Then I thought about my little family and how over-the-moon thankful I am for the journey God has brought my husband and me on over the last eight and a half years. 


 Even on the hard days I'm thankful for the treasures that have been entrusted to me. But these are things I'm thankful for every year, and there is something more specific I could mention this year.

  Nov 2007 055

circa 2007 I'm thankful for my mom. She has poured into my brother and me (and our families) so much over the years. She taught me, by example, how to make a house into a home and how to use my creativity in various ways (she even made my wedding dress!). She encourages me in all my dreams and aspirations. She helps me with my kids when I feeling overwhelmed.


 I'm thankful for my mom for a lot of reasons that I'm sure many of you share as you think of your mom. She and I had some rocky years when I was growing up (as many mothers and daughters do), but this summer it hit me how close we had become. But this past summer, she was very sick and spent a couple of weeks in the hospital in ICU, and then several more weeks laid up at home. The more I thought about it-- especially as I thought about the awful possibility of her not being around anymore-- the more I realized the reality... that she had become one of my best friends.


 After all, she's the one to whom I text or call just to say hi , or tell a funny story about the kids, or say, let's watch a chick flic and do some sewing. And now that she's healthy again and we're back in our groove of regular life, I want to take a minute this Thanksgiving to say how thankful I am to have her in
 my life.

  Mom, me & Hallee at Queen Bee Market 

 I love you, Mom!

Thanks Nicole!  Hugs...


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  1. beautiful. sweet family, and what a joy to have your mama as your friend!

    thanks for sharing!


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