Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2. Snow.

I'm thankful for snow.  Especially the, * Oh what we are visiting Colorado isn't it so fun that it snowed 6 inches and magically didn't stick to the roads so we can go get some gloves to play in it * kind .

Especially the * So pretty and white and sparkly you just have to eat it * kind.

And ESPECIALLY the *our whole family is going snowboarding today* kind of snow that we will have this winter.  Can she really be big enough? Geez.  Darin took me snowboarding on our first date... 12 years ago.  My how the days fly.  

{Yep thats me!  I totally rocked it back in the day. HA!}



  1. wait, wait. tell me that last pic is from the fab jen archives... meaning its you... meaning its not ivy. if that's of her, my mind is blown. just sayin'. she was so sweet during my brief visit tonight. she can't possibly be snowboarding yet, can she? :)

    p.s. you're soooo right about how quickly the days have flown. just realized seth & i are approaching our decade-together mark. can't believe it. has been awesome, but still doesn't seem real. :)

    have a beautiful thursday! ::hugs::

  2. We got our first snow today! My son loved it! I love your blog. New follower :)


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