Thursday, January 6, 2011

Umm, I hope you haven't been waiting for me to say GO!  Because I have been so busy going that I haven't reminded you to.  {Not that you need my help, its kind of a given to start with the New Year right?}  And with lofty aspirations like mine, these next oh, six weeks are gonna keep this lady running full steam ahead.  

I  feel it in my toes that 2011 can be my year.  And while I was trying to decide between two words to be MY word I saw this...

via her, who found it here

Isn't it perfect?   I was deciding between DO and BE and this helped me choose.  This year I am going to BE.  Be my best self.  Be the one that does.  Be who I want to be, without doubting who I am. 

And even though I chose between the two I think BE and DO go hand in hand.  So many times I think of something I want to BE, but I don't DO it.  Instead of saying I wish I .... I'm going to BE what I wish.  

 Here are my BE's for 2011. 

Here's to the new year.  Make it yours, its going to be the best ever.


  1. i LOVE your word for the year, jenn! i think mostly because it's half of the word BECOME. perfect choice. :)

    btw, the word verfication is asking me to type 'acisterg'....he he he, something like, "a sister, G!" lol. it's good to be homies. :)

  2. Isn't that the best? So glad it resonated with you as well. I love the subway art you came up with for yourself. I think you're right...2011 is going to be your year!

  3. Loved your word and your subway art!

  4. thanks for the inspiration. I have seen these and really couldn't of think of what words to one little word phrases! thanks you and you did a fabulous job with the colors!

  5. Love it all! The pic. Your word. The subway art. Fantastic.
    Thanks for linking up again to my Pity Party!


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