Monday, January 10, 2011

Goings On

January usually lets me down after the holidays, but I sure have been enjoying a slightly slower pace these past couple of weeks.  I've been busy, but it feels good to get things done for me and my family.  One of my goals is to be more organized and slowly but surely I am going through every room in our house.  Up this week is my craft room, and uh, lets just say I'll be in there for a while.  At some point in December I just started throwing things in there. And then everyone else started just throwing stuff in there too.

So I'm doing good on my Resolutions so far, how are you doing?
Do you feel like you need to reward yourself for working so hard? 
There are some great things happening around here and I know they would be just what you deserve...

Passionista Presents is putting on another great show next week.  Remember how much I loved this one?  Well, I know that this one is going to be just as wonderful, {and maybe even a bit more, just for the fact I'll be warmer}.  Listen to Sarah's album in full here

and then go HERE to buy your ticket.  And hopefully I'll see you there!


Is one of your Resolutions to become a better photo taker?  I can't think of a better way to step up your game then to take Darins lighting class.

I happen to know he is a fab teacher and you'll be rocking your flash like nobody's business when you are done.   His next intro class is this Saturday, {just a couple of spots left} and then he'll start booking for February. 


And one last shameless plug ;)  

 Add some color to January.  You deserve it!  




  1. Jenn, thanks so much for helping spread the word! I appreciate it so much!

    I'm doing pretty well on my resolutions. I've had no sugar for over a week now, and have dropped a couple of pounds! Woohoo!

    I only ran once last week though because I've got a sinus infection that's made me miserable! Today though, I'm getting back out there to run, even if I don't feel great!

  2. lol. same goes for my craft room/office. becomes a catch-all for the world, it seems. well, and that was when i actually had a separate room for it. instead, that entire room exists around one 6 ft long craft table in the middle of my 2'x2' open living room/"library"/"den"/dining room/kitchen area. too much for one little space. can't wait for when we can build my little office/studio AWAY from my house! the table's been piling up to say the least. tried tackling it last week. made some huge headway, but again it looks as if i hadn't touched it. total trouble-spot. :( oh well, i'll get a handle on it soon, i hope.

    ok, yes, it IS my goal to make it to one of darin's classes this year. his and one other photographer i want to sit at the feet of. unfortunately, with this "ranch" my photography's had to take a back seat. but my goal is to get back to it permanently this year. shooting for the february or march classes! ::fingers crossed::

    happy rest of your week, sweets!


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