Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hand Warmers

   I  have been going gaga over all of the fingerless gloves/armwarmers on Etsy recently and decided that's what I should ask for for my birthday (hint hint Mom!)  Well it got really cold here on Friday night.  Since my birthday isn't for a couple of weeks, and I can't crochet or knit I came up with some of my own.  I took the idea from making baby legs and my friend Sarah who wore something like this in her marathon.

First I found a pair of socks that I was willing to part with.  These were starting to get worn through in the bottom so what the heck. And I think they are perfect for my Halloween costume!

I then cut them off right at the ankle, above the heel.

Really you could be done there.  But I wanted a hole for my thumb, so I could do things like stitching or typing on the computer.

So I cut just made a tiny cut with my rotary blade about 1 1/2 inches down from the top.

Ta Da!  A thumbhole.
I didn't want to stretch out the openings by putting it on my sewing machine, so I just left the edges raw. I also dig how it looks!  I might put some fray check on the cut edges to keep it from unraveling at all.

So there you go, some easy handwarmers for chilly fall days.   I think I'm going to use these for my Halloween costume too.  And hopefully this will keep me from stretching out all of the sleeves on my sweatshirts!


  1. Jenn, super cute, what are you going to be for halloween? So on the arm socks I made for running I used little girl knee highs. Cut the toe off (like right before the seam on the toe). THen I wore them upside down, the band that normally goes around your calf was around my hand (and I cut the thumb hole right below the band. THen when I pulled the sock up it lined up just right so that my elbow was right at the heel of the sock.
    I looked up the warmers like the ones you made on etsy...cute. How are people wearing them in an outfit? Just under a long sleeve shirt or even with short sleeves?

  2. saw this on your link within, and i love it! daisy really wants some cuffs (and the desire started with this year's plan for a punk fairy halloween costume, lol) and i was thinking we could do something like this, but i'm grateful to see a successful execution of it.
    you simply rock!


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